Magic Maze Records


All of the merch is available at our events and shows. If you would like to have anything ordered, email us at

Magic Maze Records Candle


Magic Eye Candle | Ignite the flame and focus on The Magic Eye. What do you see? How do you feel? Answer these questions as you let your mind wander off into the peaceful solitude. Find the door and listen to what they have to say. Have you awaken?

The Cosmic Creeps CREEP T-Shirt


CREEP T-Shirt | The Cosmic Creeps "CREEP" artwork on Jerzees Dri-Power 50/50 shirts. Very soft and comfortable, guaranteed to make you seem rad.

Red Dragon Candle


Red Dragon Candle | Light the sacred flame and listen to the ballad of the Red Dragon to gain the ancient blessings and wisdom of the Naacals. Meditate under Rah and allow the palette of your mind to take in positve surroundings.

Magic Maze Stickers

Two for $1

Magic Maze Stickers | 2-inch diameter stickers hand cut by us.